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Letter: Brexit? – ‘Enough, no more…’

Published on: 15 Jan, 2019
Updated on: 15 Jan, 2019

From Colin Cross

In response to: Opinion: We Need To Be 100% Free of the European Union

Surely we all knew in 2016 that the pro and anti-Brexit campaigners were just whistling in the wind when they both tried to sell us on their equally fictional versions of the outcome of our departure from the EU?

The vote was essentially about the principle of going or staying as there was no deal on the table and only a pack of lies and deceits for us to base any decision upon.

We now have that deal on the table and the moment of truth is at hand. Now is the time for the nation to consider again, hopefully finally, in which direction we will go. It is now about the practical issues of our economy, jobs, immigration, the Union and so on, that have to be weighed up with the facts now at hand.

I am not prejudging the outcome of a second referendum, merely saying that it has to happen for our island nation to ensure it is not setting sail in a “beautiful pea green boat”. The owl and the pussy cat we are not and fantasies rarely work in the real world.

The deal on the table is not going to improve with age so let’s take it or leave it. As the Bard said, “Enough, no more. ‘Tis not so sweet now as it was before.”

Colin Cross is the Independent borough councillor for Lovelace but was writing in his personal capacity.

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