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Letter: Building Houses Close to the A3 is Crazy

Published on: 26 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 26 Jul, 2021

From: James Wild

In response to: A3 Guildford Pollution Worst in England, GBC Leader Blames ‘Infrastructure Deficit’

I lived 170 metres from the A3 in West Clandon, by Garlick’s Arch for 12 months and suffered terribly from the air quality. My breathing became very wheezy and I had so many headaches.

This was back in 2004 and the house we rented was elevated 15 metres above the A3. I have since been very wary of air pollution.

The new houses to be built at Garlick’s Arch are all going to be within 330 metres of the A3 where the land slopes down from the dual-carriageway.

To me, it is a crazy choice of site allocation for housing from both a noise and air pollution perspective. The health of young families and the elderly will be put at risk despite what the noise and air quality reports might suggest.

The Local Plan, led by Cllrs Spooner and Furniss, which bases many of its allocations along the A3 Corridor, is appalling.

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Responses to Letter: Building Houses Close to the A3 is Crazy

  1. Paul Bishop Reply

    July 29, 2021 at 9:04 am

    Clearly the current councillors at GBC do not agree with this statement.

    The entire proposal of Weyside Urban Village is within spitting distance of the A3 and I am not sure anyone in the council has ever raised a concern over pollution levels in this development.

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