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Letter: Bus Passengers Should Support Safeguard

Published on: 17 Nov, 2018
Updated on: 18 Nov, 2018

From Brian Holt

Brian Holt is a former bus and coach driver

Arriva have already tried to compete in Park Barn and Westborough a few years ago but they could not attract many passengers because there was a boycott of their buses by the local community.

Safeguard has served the Park Barn area with one of the best bus services in the country; that is why they won the Best Small Bus Operator in Great Britain award. It’s up to the local community to still support them or lose this excellent bus service.

While Arriva is running these empty buses around Park Barn area they are leaving passengers without buses in other areas. My friend waited in Shamley Green on November 6th, with other passengers, for a bus to Guildford. Surprise, surprise it never turned up.

There could have been people with hospital appointments in Guildford who would have missed them.

Why have Arriva lost so many bus routes in this area? And why do they seem to be very unpopular with residents all over the Guildford area?

Residents in Bellfields Estate, have said they wish Safeguard would come back to them, also comments in Burpham, Merrow and Ewhurst areas that they wish another bus company would operate a bus service in their area.

They are so unreliable – buses not running when they should. The public have had enough.

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Responses to Letter: Bus Passengers Should Support Safeguard

  1. Donna Bye Reply

    November 18, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Safeguard is the best and my mum refuses to get on Arriva buses in Park Barn as a loyal customer to Safeguard. I wish Safeguard could take over Bellfields as well. Arriva is a bad bus service and have caused no end of problems with the change of big buses to small ones that everyone hated and had to fight tooth and nail to have changed back to big buses.

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