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Letter: Bus Transport Needs to Be Seen As a Public Service

Published on: 30 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 30 Oct, 2022

From: Mark Stamp

In response to: Guildford Low Emission Zone Could Lead to ‘Discrimination’

It seems that the argument is that bus usage is not high enough to make it profitable so the service is cut, meaning fewer people use it.

It needs to be seen as a public service, supported by public money, rather than a business. Government policy needs to change to allow councils to run buses in order to reinvest rather than given to individuals. This has recently changed for major cities, hopefully it will apply to all councils soon.

In the meantime, introduce a surcharge on parking charges which is ring-fenced to subsidize public transport and active travel alternatives. This should include more secure cycle parking in the town to encourage electric bike use.

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Responses to Letter: Bus Transport Needs to Be Seen As a Public Service

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    October 30, 2022 at 11:31 pm

    The car parking services budget could already be considered to be surcharged.

    For a decade, the Park & Ride schemes have failed to cover their costs. Pre Covid more than £0.5 million came from the car park budget to Park & Ride every year.

    If the aim to run down car parking is achieved, what pays for Park & Ride?

    Despite GBC’s claim to consult, I don’t remember any consultation before the significant changes to shoppers’ car park charging. Afterwards there was mention, as there was this year, of some consultation with business. But what about the actual GBC residents from other parts of the borough, miles away?

    It was initially implied there had been a fall in car park use, but as business recovers, it was admitted that usage was back to pre-Covid levels. Yet the car park fees went up 25-40 per cent.

    Bit of an indication that the leading parties might have plans to use more than car parking as a “cash cow” to supplement the budget.
    Garden waste went up 10 per cent last year while inflation was just three per cent. Goodness knows what the increases on this and other non-statutory services will be in future.

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