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Letter: Can’t the GBC Leopard Change Its Spots?

Published on: 17 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 17 Mar, 2021

From: Anthony Mallard

In response to: Councillors Object To Secrecy Over Crematorium Chimney Error

The appearance of the new crematorium building is, indeed, attractive but clearly there was an error somewhere along the line that resulted in the miscalculation of the chimney height.

GBC, in its past customary way, has decided to hide the origins/costs of that error. I thought that it had begun to change its formerly secretive attitude to one of openness and transparency. Sadly, I appear to be wrong. Let me ask just one question, where did the money come from to fund the rebuild?

If the answer is wholly or partly from the council tax payers then, surely, they have a right to know. We all make mistakes from time to time.

I was taught to own up, take the consequences and learn from one’s error. To which I would add and move on. Apparently, this is not the council’s way.

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