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Letter: Cathedral Development Proposal Is Deeply Concerning

Published on: 11 Sep, 2021
Updated on: 11 Sep, 2021

Artists impression of proposals for a new neighbourhood near Guildford Cathedral.

From: M Durant

In response to: Community Invited To View Proposals For New Neighbourhood Near Guildford Cathedral

I find this scheme of building more houses everywhere around Guildford and other parts of Surrey deeply concerning. A lot of people have been moving to Guildford from London for more space, less pollution and good schools.

It seems to me the area is being filled with people and buildings, even though infrastructure is lacking. For instance, more GPs are not added, there aren’t any more hospitals being built, and a lot of people in Guildford have been having difficulty seeing specialists.

The air quality in Guildford has deteriorated significantly. When are they going to stop building on green areas? A lot of green areas I used to walk on as a child have gone forever, the population has already grown significantly and there are food shortages – where is the food going to come from for all these new people moving in the area?

The area is becoming more densely populated but the resources are becoming more scarce.

And as more and more houses and flats are built the value of both will go down.

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Responses to Letter: Cathedral Development Proposal Is Deeply Concerning

  1. Trevor Denyer Reply

    September 12, 2021 at 8:35 am

    It’s the same everywhere in the South East. Too many people and too little space.

    There are too many greedy developers and too little concern for infrastructure by councils and the government.

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