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Letter: Cllr Redpath Is Correct, Council Cuts Are the Result of Government Policy

Published on: 18 Feb, 2022
Updated on: 18 Feb, 2022

Cllr Maddy Redpath.

From Peta Malthouse

In response to: We Don’t Like Making Cuts – It Wasn’t What We Were Elected To Do

I am not sure Mr Lawrence who commented on Maddy Redpath’s opinion piece has actually read what she has written. I thank you Cllr Redpath for your explanation.

Those of us who understand how our local authorities are funded can confirm that what she says is true as a result of changes made by this government since they took over in 2010.

Guildford Borough Council is pretty well a tax collector for HM Government. They have no control over how band rates for council tax are fixed and are legally restricted on the maximum additional sum they can raise each year.

The wages they pay their staff, particularly their dustman, are a disgrace but this council is unlikely to be able to repair the damage done by successive Tory councils over the years; that can only be done by the chancellor, Mr Sunak.

The services provided by the borough are being stripped to the bare bones and the public toilet consultation is the inevitable result of government cuts.

Does anyone want to be a dustman toilet or street cleaner on their present pay rates?

If the public wants to retain some services they may have to start volunteering a bit more.

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