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Letter: Cllr Rigg’s Claim is Inaccurate

Published on: 29 Mar, 2023
Updated on: 29 Mar, 2023

Robin Horsley’s “Battle for Guildford” campaign video

From: Philip Brooker

Former Conservative borough councillor

In response to: Dragon Interview: ‘Battle for Guildford’ Campaigner Robin Horsley

Having viewed the interview by The Guildford Dragon with Mr Robin Horsley, producer of the video “The Battle for Guildford”, and read the comments by Cllr John Rigg, I feel that the previous Conservative administration should also be permitted to comment.

It is stated by Cllr Rigg of R4GV that the North Street Development was “under way” under our administration and that we also “failed to introduce any height restrictions”.

This is not accurate as the North Street scheme was only in the design and development stage; various proposals had been considered and had been reduced to two. Neither of these proposals included anything like 13 storey tower blocks and was confined to blending in with the character of the town centre.

With regard to the comment on height restrictions, we did commence work on a “Heights and Views” Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Although this document did not give a specific maximum height of development as to do so would have invariably invited uniformity of proposals, it did give some height protection and maintained views of important features such as the Cathedral and the High Street.

The importance of “Maintaining the Character” of the town as a specific requirement was the overarching requirement. As time has now moved on, the Conservative view has changed in favour of setting a maximum height policy.

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