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Letter: Conservatives Will Not Be Cowed into Silence on the ‘Trans-debate’

Published on: 16 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 16 Apr, 2022

PCC Lisa Townsend

From: Bob Hughes, chairman Surrey Conservative Association,

Melanie Whitehand, deputy chairman,

Mike Brennan, deputy chairman,

Jacqui Hartnett, officer

Paul Deach, officer

The inappropriate reprimand issued to Lisa Townsend, Surrey’s Police & Crime Commissioner, by a male-dominated sub-committee of councillors is disturbing and has led to her receiving anonymous death threats. The charge? Lisa shared a tweet written by author JK Rowling which suggested that biological male rapists are not female.

In recent days the Prime Minister stated that biological men should not be competing in female sporting events.

It is refreshing to hear leading Conservative politicians nationally and from within our own county be very clear on this issue and not be afraid of expressing an opinion shared by millions of people.

Everyone should be able to hold and express their views without threats of violence, and people who wish to transition deserve nothing but our support to live their lives as they wish.

Sadly, the “trans-debate” has become toxified by a tiny but vocal minority of extremists. We will not be silent against those who seem to think that the voices of women don’t matter, and we will continue to stand up for the right to free speech and the rights of women which have once again been trampled on.

Conservatives will not be cowed into silence on this issue, and we would like to express our support for Lisa to carry out her role free from intimidation.

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Responses to Letter: Conservatives Will Not Be Cowed into Silence on the ‘Trans-debate’

  1. Dave Fielding Reply

    April 16, 2022 at 11:58 am

    But will Conservatives be silenced by ‘partygate’ and ministers breaking the law? It all seems very quiet on the blue front. Lisa Townsend can look after herself. Perhaps her new PR officer can help her out?

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