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Letter: Consultation Questions So Flawed Proper Answers Difficult

Published on: 23 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 24 Jan, 2021

From: Martin Elliott

In response to: Elderly and Vulnerable Are Council’s Top Priority, Budget Consultation Shows

Unfortunately, as I pointed out at the time, to express a proper opinion on the GBC budget consultation was difficult, due to its simplicity.

Asking about each budget/department area priority did not allow a proper answer. Most departments have a range of services which need different priorities, so expressing that for the whole department is specious.

Take transport. How much is spent on the dogma of modal shift? There has been lots of reported support, supposedly from residents, but that is hardly reflected in a reduced number of cars coming into/through the town centre.

Despite HMG guidance to break even, on/off-street parking is budgeted to make a profit. That’s used (and doubled up) to spend £600,000 on Park & Ride in normal times.

If P&R isn’t breaking even after a decade, doesn’t that indicate a real lack of support, so why not cut the costs (Covid has closed some)?

Yet GBC was proposing another increase in car park fees, now “cancelled”. They could in fact reduce the fees and not affect the town centre parking, although losing more than 200 bays and a massive increase in bus routes on York Road with North Street regeneration.

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Responses to Letter: Consultation Questions So Flawed Proper Answers Difficult

  1. John Bayley Reply

    January 23, 2021 at 5:24 pm

    Re Martin Elliott’s letter about GBC consultation. So that I can understand his opinion what is P&R?

    Editor’s comment: P&R is Park and Ride. Letter now amended.

  2. Georgina Grant Reply

    January 27, 2021 at 11:44 am

    Until Covid struck, the Artington Park & Ride was busy. It is an excellent service, well used by those living in the villages south of Guildford. However, whenever I have seen the Onslow P&R buses, they are always empty. Would it not be better to allow this car parking to be used for visiting the Royal Surrey?

    Cllr James Steel, Lead Councillor for Environment responded: “The Onslow Park and Ride has not been in use since the first national lockdown last year and is currently a testing site for residents who have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms.

    “Residents can stay up to date with Park and Ride services in Guildford by visiting:

    “If you have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace and are working on a low-income you could be eligible for a £500 payment. Find out more here:

    “We can help you during self-isolation with food parcels or prescription collections. Our Community Helpline is open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm (4:30pm Friday). You can register for support here: or call us on 01483 444400.” 

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