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Letter: Council Rapped For ‘Learning So Little’ Over Bellfields Allotments Saga

Published on: 18 Jun, 2021
Updated on: 18 Jun, 2021

From Sarah Bass, plot-holder at the Bellfields allotments

In reply to our story Tenants Objecting to GBC’s ‘Imminent’ Application for 77% of Bellfields Allotments

I am rather disappointed that Dawn Hudd [Guildford Borough Council’s head of strategic services] has so little to say about the imminent application, it reveals so much about how little has been learnt over the past two years by the council.

There is no mention or recognition of the important issues that have been raised with Dawn and the Weyside Urban Village project team.

The Weyside Urban Village project team and the Guildford Borough Council team share the same tunnel vision towards this ongoing situation, by throwing their vast resources and money at the situation to bully their way through.

Entrance to Bellfields Allotments.

Why is the Bellfields site so vital? The plans show so little detail and there has never been an answer to what they actually want to do with this area of land.

There have been meetings, but it appears they are not really listening. The council continues to impose its decisions and not truly engage with the issues and the impact of the decisions on a vital part of the community.

They do not listen to sound advice and make poor decisions.

There is still a lack of transparency, inaccurate and misinformation.

We are so grateful for all the support we have received, but are not surprised, as the importance and benefits of growing your own food in your own community and people’s way of life has never been more relevant for this and future communities.

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Responses to Letter: Council Rapped For ‘Learning So Little’ Over Bellfields Allotments Saga

  1. Christopher O'Keeffe Reply

    June 21, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    I am in total agreement. The Weyfield Development is being pushed through without the required infrastructure required for so many new people in the area.

    This is at the detriment of existing residents in the immediate area of Bellfields, Stoke and Stoughton. As well as allotments roads, school places, access to doctors and the local hospital are to name only a few areas that will be put under increased stress by this development.

    The only additional service being provided by this multi-million-pound development opportunity is a coffee shop and the relocation of an existing club. Poor show council. This is not really in the interest of the local people.

  2. Fleur Robertson Reply

    July 3, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    I also agree with this letter. Ostensibly the Bellfields Allotment can be almost entirely destroyed because it is deemed “brownfield” by the council. But they are wrong. No legal definition of a brownfield site includes allotments – which are obviously green.

    See more about what is a brownfield site here:

    The Weyside development is not in the interests of those folk in this area, which is not a wealthy one. They will not be able, in the main, to afford any of the housing built as part of it. Nor will the majority of Guildford residents.

    Were this to be a council-run, council-funded, social housing development for ordinary people to be well housed for an affordable rent, turning the allotment land into a park, for example, it could be morally justifiable . But this is definitely not what is being built here.

    And what’s more, by calling allotments brownfield, what is being built is being built on lies.

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