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Letter: Council Statement Leaves Me Dumbfounded

Published on: 29 Apr, 2023
Updated on: 29 Apr, 2023

From: Kevin Parker

Vice Chairman Guildford City FC

In response to: Guildford City FC Manager Quits Over Poor State of the Pitch at Spectrum Leisure Centre

The statement from GBC leaves me dumbfounded. There is no maintenance done on the pitch all year round. Forget a wet March, that is just an excuse and is not acceptable.

It is clear they have no idea what goes on at the facility. We asked, months ago, for meetings with the council and Freedom Leisure but are still awaiting their response.

Pitch maintenance is our main issue,  and it has been for years, but the general upkeep of the facility is desperately lacking.

A perimeter fence at the far end of the stadium has been broken for over six months and despite the football club undertaking a temporary fix it has never been properly repaired.

The clubhouse, kitchen, referees’ room and toilets are cleaned by the football club on matchdays because Freedom Leisure don’t do it. The facility has rats everywhere.

On Wednesday before last (April 19), we arrived at the ground at 5.30pm prior to our match that evening to find a school using it for shot putt, javelin and discus throwing – all onto the pitch.

Nobody arrived from Freedom Leisure or GBC to repair the pitch so we at the football club did. Nor did anyone clear away the sports equipment used, so again we did.

Yet we are expected to pay just under £200 to use the pitch.

This situation is not the exception, it is the rule.

I could continue but will leave it there for now apart from saying to those using the facility I hope you enjoy the benefit of the 800 seats installed at the arena. In case you didn’t know we the football club paid for those not GBC for the benefit of all users throughout the year, not just football spectators.

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Responses to Letter: Council Statement Leaves Me Dumbfounded

  1. Brian Holt Reply

    April 30, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    I would like to add to Kevin Parker’s comment. We had no water in the both gents’ and ladies’ toilets for about three weeks. Also, the gents’ toilets were in complete darkness for about a month. The lighting fault was reported a few times before it was eventually fixed. At times there is nothing to dry your hands on in the toilets.

    The side of the ladies’ toilet is breaking away and you almost see through it. Then, on match days, you have to sweep sand up from everywhere.

    What can visiting teams and their supporters, which include some who travel from Jersey, think of the place?

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