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Letter: Councillor Allowances – A One Per Cent Rise Should Be Enough

Published on: 11 Aug, 2015
Updated on: 11 Aug, 2015

Councillor allowancesFrom Sue Fox

I spent 12 years as a borough councillor and my husband 20 years.

During that time we were both committee chairs and in opposition. At no point do I remember considering the cost in financial terms though there was a cost in work life balance.

But we chose to stand for office and understood the consequences. At the time we were both in full-time employment as were most of our colleagues in all parties, including our doctor.

If we are “all in it together”, as public servants, I would have thought one per cent per annum was more than adequate.

Perhaps the council should set up a crèche or after school scheme for younger councillors with children.

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Responses to Letter: Councillor Allowances – A One Per Cent Rise Should Be Enough

  1. Bernard Parke Reply

    August 11, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    Sue Fox is quite right in saying the cost, in financial terms, was never a consideration when serving Guildford as a borough councillor.

    True we received expenses of £6 per meeting which was paid to cover postage, telephone calls etc.

    However, this was only paid to councillors if they actually attended meetings and signed a register accordingly.

    May I also say that this also in many instances this was taxable.

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