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Letter: Councillor Franklin Deserves Thanks – She Stood For Her Own Ward

Published on: 20 Apr, 2015
Updated on: 20 Apr, 2015

councillorFrom Julian Lyon

In response to Zoe Franklin’s opinion piece: “Opinion: Why I Can’t Continue To Be A Councillor

Whilst not specifically commenting on the question of viability, I would like to thank Cllr Franklin for the tireless and diligent work she has put in over the last seven years at no great cost to the ratepayers.

Whatever our philosophical differences, her input has been valuable and Guildford will be a poorer place without it.

Looking forwards, with 22 councillors standing down, there is a real opportunity for Guildford to rethink the future of our town and borough.

The electoral system is challenging, however; the political parties are under central pressure to fill candidate lists and, in multi-seat wards, this means there are typically several names on the ballot sheet who may be ‘making up the numbers’. We need to have all of the talent available to us and everyone in the council must have a passion to be there.

This brings me to another key point. Zoe Franklin represented a ward she lives in and has a passion for. Take a look at the number of candidates standing on May 7th who actually live in the ward they propose to represent. If I recall correctly, Holy Trinity ward has only one resident candidate out of fourteen.

This will raise yet greater issues for the make-up of the council and there needs to be a good hard look at how we can ensure that talented, dedicated councillors like Zoe Franklin make up the core of our borough council from whatever political colour, including independent.

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