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Letter: Councillors, Please Work Together

Published on: 27 Apr, 2023
Updated on: 27 Apr, 2023

From: Mark Stamp

In response to: Borough Council Election Still Up for Grabs – Poll Says Nearly Half of Voters Are Undecided

If this survey is indicative of the final council makeup, I would urge all councillors of every colour to work together in a constructive manner.

They all largely agree on many of the big issues so it should just be a question of getting on and actually delivering for the people of Guildford. I would ask them to please use the skills and experience of all elected councillors and stop the bickering we have seen in this election, even if it means ignoring their parties’ central offices’ directives sometimes.

The other thing this election process has demonstrated is how impotent the borough council is despite having much of the responsibility.

Please can all councillors shout about the constraints imposed by central governments and SCC that prevent them from delivering so we can all raise the issue at elections over the next couple of years.

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Responses to Letter: Councillors, Please Work Together

  1. Sam Peters Reply

    April 29, 2023 at 8:54 am

    The recent Environment Hustings at ZERO showed that on issues like river pollution, air quality, pesticides, public transport and climate, most parties seem to agree – at least on what needs to be done, if not always on how.

    As Mark Stamp says, whatever the makeup of the council come 5th May, let’s hold the councillors and parties to these statements and pressure them to collaborate.

    As I raised repeatedly at the hustings, it has been enormously successful in other local areas like Waverley – there is no reason we couldn’t see likewise in Guildford borough.

    Sam Peters is a Green Party candidate for Stoke in the forthcoming GBC election

  2. Joss Bigmore Reply

    April 29, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    R4GV is committed to working with anyone who has the best interests of Guildford at heart.

    Up until recently when party politics became their only driver, our coalition with the Liberal Democrats functioned pretty well, and we have built a strong relationship with the Conservatives that control Surrey County Council.

    I was asked to chair the Surrey Leaders group, which contained Leaders of all political persuasion and under my leadership there have been many examples of cross-party, borough and county collaboration.

    The joint funding of a Transit site for the Traveller community in the east of the county, the purchase for the community of Tice’s Meadow, contributions from Surrey County Council on our Flood Alleviation Strategy, also jointly funding the road improvements to the A331/A31 junction and latterly £5 million to help fund the new Road bridge in Ash, are all real examples of R4GV working across the political spectrum to deliver for our residents.

    The last two months have been awful, I have lost all respect for the likes of Cllrs George Potter [Lib Dem] and Keith Witham [Con], who will do or say anything to get elected.

    This win-at-all-costs behaviour has dragged this election campaign into the gutter and to be frank it is an embarrassment to the borough.

    I fear for Guildford should the national parties’ politicians take control of the council, with a General Election due next year all focus will be on Angela Richardson vs Zoe Franklin, there will be no cooperation between GBC and SCC because it will be Lib Dems vs Conservatives all over the county.

    I am sure national party politicians like George and Keith would rather see things fail and play the blame game than work together for the greater good.

    Only independents with no skin in the national game will do what’s best for Guildford.

    Joss Bigmore is the leader of R4GV and one of their candidates for Merrow in the forthcoming GBC election.

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