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Letter: Councillor’s Resignation Leaves No Time to Elect a Replacement

Published on: 29 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 29 Nov, 2022

From: Carla Morson

Independent Ash Parish Councillor for Ash South

In response to: Absent Parish Councillor Resigns Hours Before Disqualification Meeting. Comment was requested by The Guildford Dragon.

Despite the fact that I think Mrs Gorham’s resignation should have been submitted when she left the area, I do wish her well and hope she’s happy living in Wiltshire.

Her resignation this morning did come as something of a surprise, especially after her attendance (for the first time in seven months) at the two virtual committee meetings last night.

The one thing I’m particularly sorry about is that because of the timing of her resignation there can be no opportunity for our community to elect another councillor until May next year.

None of what we have been through has been necessary and has distracted us from what we should have been concentrating on – doing the best for our community.

In view of the legal advice received regarding attendance at virtual meetings being acceptable and subsequently agreed by the majority of the parish councillors, this matter should now be put behind us.

Although I’m of the mind that parish councillors should live within their community throughout their tenure there is little more that can be achieved by pursuing this matter between now and May 2023.

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