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Letter: Councillors Should Put the Interests of Constituents First

Published on: 10 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 10 Apr, 2022

Cllr Catherine Young

From: Jules Cranwell

In response to: Cllr Catherine Young on Decision to Delay Local Plan Review

Cllr Catherine Young (Clandon & Horsley) of GGG has done a brilliant job. She managed to expose what can only be classed as a complete betrayal of residents by the current GBC Executive. Just rolling over and following in the footsteps of the previous Executive is unacceptable.

As to the value of “professional legal opinion”, I have consulted for, and managed, a number of law firms around the world, and it has been my experience that the number of differing opinions is approximately equal to the number of lawyers in the room. Clients pick lawyers most likely to give the opinion they want.

Given the Conservative party’s role in developing national planning policy and their cosy relationship with donating developers, it simply beggars belief that the former Conservative council was acting independently on the development of the plan under such a “cosy” relationship. They should have put the interests of their constituents before the interests of their party.

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