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Letter: ‘Disappointed’ Over the Local Plan Review Delay Is an Understatement

Published on: 19 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 19 Apr, 2022

From: Catherine Young

In response to: Cllr John Rigg;’s comment on We Have a Practical Plan for the Local Plan

I must reply to Cllr John Rigg’s comments regarding Jules Cranwell. Cllr Rigg is mistaken.

Jules is certainly no “armchair warrior”. His list of actions in his response to Cllr Rigg’s comment demonstrates his willingness to take a risk. He has a “can do” rather than “can’t do” attitude, and he is always prepared to step in where others fear to tread.

Jules has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to support my campaign as GGG borough councillor for Clandon & Horsley, and I for one would not be without him.

Cllr Rigg might not like what he says, but in so many ways he echoes truthfully how residents of The Horsleys, and others in the east of the Borough, are really feeling at the moment, and I can truthfully say, it’s not good about the Local Plan review delay.

“Disappointed” would be an understatement.

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