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Letter: Does The New Solum Station Proposal Really Offer A Transport Hub?

Published on: 17 Nov, 2015
Updated on: 17 Nov, 2015

Station impression Solum Nov 2011From Barry Williams

We need to see the full detail of the planning application before rushing to judgement but clearly some efforts have been made to take on board previous objections.

Hopefully, sufficient attention has been paid to the height, mass and sight-line preferences contained within Guildford Borough Council’s (GBC) recent draft Town Centre Master Plan.

To date this new planning application does not appear on GBC’s website but outline information can be found on the Solum website which I note is somewhat premature in also seeking to gather signatures in support: .

Observant readers will note the following comment appears on the website: “Provide an easy accessible route to and from the bus services which stop in the station forecourt.”

Really? In the station forecourt? Public transport buses?

If true, then we have the beginning of an integrated transport hub (see my letter of a few weeks ago), in which case thank you Solum, Christmas has come early.

Barry Williams is a member of The Guildford Society Executive Committee but is writing in a personal capacity.

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