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Letter: Epsom Road Improvements Are Required to Make it Safe for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Published on: 27 Jan, 2024
Updated on: 27 Jan, 2024

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From: Alice Fowler

In response to: What Are Your Views on Epsom Road Safety?

I live close to Epsom Road, though I haven’t received one of Richard Mills’s letters so far.

I too am extremely concerned about traffic volume and speed on the road.

I cycle along the Epsom Road several times a week (mainly the Albury Road to Hillier Road stretch) and frankly take my life in my hands every time I do so. Cycle lanes along the Epsom Road are inadequate and for stretches non-existent (worse than the current London Road cycle arrangements, in fact).

My teenage sons walk to school along the Epsom Road (where in rush hour the air quality must be extremely poor – I hope this will be tested). We also sometimes use the road as motorists.

As Richard Mills correctly states, many people need to use and cross this road to access several schools, surgeries etc. Without crossings it is impossible to do so safely. The Cross Lanes footpath is an obvious place where it would be useful to have a crossing so pedestrians and cyclists on this well-used path could cross the Epsom Road.

In sum, the Epsom Road urgently needs pedestrian crossings; improved cycling provision; and a 20mph speed limit.

A safer road would encourage many more people to walk and cycle to local schools etc and reduce traffic levels and pollution.

I hope you local residents’ groups will be informed of the survey so they can respond as well.

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Responses to Letter: Epsom Road Improvements Are Required to Make it Safe for Pedestrians and Cyclists

  1. Andy Friend-Smith Reply

    January 28, 2024 at 5:51 pm

    I completely agree with Alice Fowler’s analysis of Epsom Road. Similar to London Road it requires urgent action to improve walking, cycling, and wheeling provision. To add to her comments, the Merrow end of Epsom Road has a dangerous cycle path which ends just before the BP Garage (heading east away from Guildford).

    This requires cyclists to pull into the centre of the busy lane to avoid parked cars (and car doors). There is also an incredibly dangerous 4 or 5 metres of cycle lane slightly further on near the Merrow Street junction which actively encourages close passes by motor vehicles. I cycle this section of Epsom Road virtually every day. This is a wide road with plenty of scope for safety improvements.

    • Jim Allen Reply

      January 29, 2024 at 7:33 pm

      Perhaps mr Friend-Smith could write a letter complaining to the NHS and the Surrey Councillor for infrastructure about the number of ‘dangerous’ additional Burpham car owners entering Epson road to find parking for the chemist clocking up the 14th journey tomorrow, since 1st December’s.

      I don’t want to be there!

      And no I don’t own a tandem! And I’m not walking the close to 5.8 miles round trip each time!

      Time realism takes over from unrealistic expections of the few

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