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Letter: Extra Bus Service Will Not Reduce Traffic Congestion

Published on: 20 Nov, 2016
Updated on: 20 Nov, 2016

Family owned Safeguard Coaches have been running services in Guildford since 1924.From Iain Elsey

Safeguard already provide an excellent and frequent service (No.5) operating from Guildford to the hospital via the back of the railway station (Guildford Park Road) and onto the hospital and Park Barn, before returning into the town centre via Aldershot Road.

Another service (No.4) operates in the opposite direction.

In the evenings and Sundays, they operate the anti-clockwise section to Park Barn and return the same route. With Sunday services reinstated to Guildford Park both these sections operate separately and return the same route back into Guildford (4A and 5A). During the week they’ve also added additional services on the no. 5 route and then returning into Guildford the same route (5A).

It is my understanding, their intention is to enhance this service with additional 5A services throughout the week and, as both Shirley West and Bernard Parke have said, we need to applaud Safeguard.

However, as a daily user of the service to and from the hospital, sadly it’s the congestion coming in and out of the town centre which has meant ten or fifteen minute journeys taking thirty or forty minutes at times and, unless we can reduce the amount of private journeys, this won’t change.

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Responses to Letter: Extra Bus Service Will Not Reduce Traffic Congestion

  1. Bernard Parke Reply

    November 20, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Yes, we all agree that the traffic congestion is unacceptable, and the near empty Onslow Park and Ride bus shuttles running eight times an hour do not help the problem, especially with such high cost to the Council Tax payer in running the scheme.

    However, what this new service does is to save the visitors and patients alike from having to use their cars, parking at the RSCH (if they are lucky enough to find a parking space) and having to pay the high car parking charges levied on them.

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