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Letter: My Family’s Views Were Misrepresented In Stoke Church Story

Published on: 23 Jan, 2015
Updated on: 23 Jan, 2015

From Edward Buckley

Regarding the story about St John’s church’s plan for its west churchyard in Stoke Road, Guildford.

emails letterI am writing to complain that my family’s views have been misrepresented.

As the senior descendant of Sir James and Lady Ellen Stirling, I wrote to the Rev Mark Woodward clearly stating that the family was upset by the idea of disinterring our relations – this has happened before, when some years ago the church disinterred Sir James’ and Lady Ellen Stirling’s remains without our knowledge, shifting them to make way for a new vicarage.

However, we do not feel it is our right to dictate what happens in a community where we don’t live – and so if that community agreed that the churchyard should be sold, and should the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice gives the go-ahead for the sale of the old graveyard, we decided we would permit a re-burial of the remains of Ross and Harriet Mangles.

The family did not tell the Rev Woodward we agreed with the church plans.

Furthermore, the whereabouts of Sir James’ and Lady Ellen’s remains are not unknown, as reported. They are near their gravestone, adjacent to the church wall.

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