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Letter: Fond Memories of My Engine Driver Uncle

Published on: 25 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 25 Jun, 2020

From Mik Harms

In response to: What Really Went On At Guildford As Steam Engines Were Withdrawn

It is with great pleasure I read your article on Guildford locomotive sheds.

You referred quite frequently to Stan Harms who I always called uncle John.

I was only about twelve at the time in the early sixties and I remember chatting to home about locos but he was always a bit short on conversation, probably because I was only just getting into locos and my questions were a bit basic.

I lived in the New Forest in Hampshire and only saw him once or twice a year but I remember with great pride when my gran told me he was upgraded to a “top link driver”. I have had a life-long love of steam locos And would love to be able to talk to him now about the vagueries of Bullied Pacifics etc.

Our family became very disjointed, probably by the distance, and we lost touch with uncle Stan. I was advised some time afterwards, in the mid-nineties, of his death.
I digress, but thank you so much for bringing back the memories of my uncle and my early teens.

Editor’s note: This letter clearly shows an advantage of an online newspaper: all archived stories are available to view, simply place your search-term in the search box at the top right of the front page.

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Responses to Letter: Fond Memories of My Engine Driver Uncle

  1. Geoff Burch Reply

    July 18, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    I have some great stories of your Uncle John (Stan) as I was his fireman in the “top link” at Guildford and we were great friends. Contact me if you’d like to hear them. My contact details can be found by Googling “Rambling Railwayman Books”.

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