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Letter: GBC Has Reneged on Tyting Farm Assurances

Published on: 2 Dec, 2022
Updated on: 1 Dec, 2022

Tyting Farm development entrance Google Streetview

From: Nick Prestwich

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The change of use and redevelopment of Tyting Farm into residential dwellings has been a hugely contested and sensitive issue.

Over the years, public interest has been channelled through the Save Tyting Farm Campaign and the Tyting Society.

Guildford Borough Council acknowledged the sensitivity of this site and worked with these groups to develop a scheme that reflected the concerns of direct neighbours, some of whom held restrictive covenants over the farm, and the wider community that has an interest in protecting this environment.

The derelict farm buildings at Tyting Farm in 2014.

The council gave assurances that the development would be built as proposed in its own planning application and that conditions would be put in place to prohibit any further development or change to the carefully designed and agreed scheme.

A significant and important restriction that was included to meet the concerns of local residents and interested parties is:

“The garages and car parking spaces shall be used solely for the benefit of the occupants of the dwellings of which they form part and for no other purposes and shall be permanently maintained for that purpose.

“Reason: To ensure that satisfactory parking provision is retained within the development.”

On November 7,  barely one year after the development has been occupied, GBC approved a planning application (22/P/01210)  that directly contradicts this restriction and allows a garage to be converted into a home office.

Additionally, the developer entered into a sale agreement with GBC which included the restriction on seeking further planning consents, this agreement appears to have been disregarded.

Clearly this approval is an error that needs to be urgently revoked, otherwise Guildford residents would be justified in no longer having confidence in the planning process and any future assurances made by GBC.

We residents understood that in supporting the council’s proposed development of Tyting Farm there would be strict restrictions on applying for further development. The council must meet its obligations to the community where they are able to do so.


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