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Letter: Great Memories of Healthy Walks Reawakened by Fight For Ash Ranges

Published on: 4 Oct, 2020
Updated on: 4 Oct, 2020

From Mrs Pat Stanley

In response to: Campaigners Mount Zoom Skirmish in Battle to Reopen MoD’s Ash Ranges

I am pleased to learn there is a group fighting to keep Ash Ranges open to the public. Thirty years ago, my husband and I lived a few hundred yards from the Ranges, and we walked, with our newborn son and dogs, twice daily.

When we moved, we missed this wonderful place and whenever we have been able to visit the area, we have always taken the opportunity to retrace our favourite walks.

I encourage the campaigners to keep up the protests. These green areas are vital, particularly for well-being and mental health in the present virus pandemic.

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