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Letter: Have Ash Residents Really Considered the Planning Situation?

Published on: 26 Aug, 2018
Updated on: 26 Aug, 2018

From Neville Bryan

In response to: Opinion: When a Fish Starts to Rot…

I wonder if the residents of Ash who elected Cllr Spooner, and who are now pretty well under siege from housing development requests, have really considered the roles of their local councillors in this.? Two of them sit on the GBC Executive which has all the power.

It is this Executive which has pushed this Local Plan for Guildford forward, with all its high housing requirements, no use of allowable constraints, favouring retail over housing, etc.

So where are these houses to be built? The answer – in the green belt and in Ash.

Spooner could have changed the direction two years ago when he took over former Council Leader Mansbridge’s trajectory. He chose not to.

Like many of those commenting, I am astounded at Cllr Spooner’s comments about planning officers not serving residents. They work for him. You only have to read the local consultation responses from residents to realise how little the council under his leadership, supports and listens to the residents of Guildford Borough.

Now the poor council officers are doing what he wanted, he rebukes them hard and in public. It beggars belief.

Thank you to Martin Giles for, in his opinion piece, finding the words I could not.

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