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Letter: Honeybees Are Nicking My Nectar!

Published on: 2 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 2 Nov, 2020

From Harry Eve

In response to: Beekeeper’s Notes: Too Much Urban Beekeeping May Be Bad?

It is good to read this frank opinion from Hugh Coakley, a beekeeper.

The problem is wider than just the urban environment and a high honeybee population competes with the very many other pollinating insects which may well be more efficient pollinators. If you watch insects visiting flowers you will frequently see them “bullied” off by the next visitor, so a high population of honeybees makes it more difficult for any other species to forage.

I have noticed a significant increase in honeybees in my wildlife garden where they compete directly with much rarer bee species, hoverflies, butterflies and others. The increase in frequency of flower visits may have led to an increase in the crab spider population lying in wait on flowers to prey on visitors. In other words, the balance is being upset by an artificial increase in the honeybee population.

Honeybees produce a saleable product so perhaps we should be reimbursed when they raid our gardens? Meanwhile, they continue to nick my nectar!

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