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Letter: Housing Targets Exceed the Need

Published on: 18 Jul, 2022
Updated on: 18 Jul, 2022

From: Roland Dunster

In response to: 2021 Census Confirms Local Plan’s Population Projections for Guildford Were Wrong

An important fact-based study and such an antidote to the political and media mantra of “build, build, build!”.

I’ve long believed that the fundamental elements of the two major concerns detailed in the piece apply at a local and national level ie:

  • housing targets are inflated well above demographically led need (and reinforced by Brexit and Covid-19 factors);
  • the supply of development land far exceeds housing need resulting in the unnecessary release of non-brownfield land.

As CPRE, the Countryside Charity’s research shows, there are more than enough brownfield urban regeneration opportunities across England, so there is no need to release anything other than this land for new homes, and, for the sake of all our green spaces, I would urge all those who feel the same way to join this effectively influential organisation.

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