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Letter: How An Article Can Spark a Memory

Published on: 5 Jun, 2023
Updated on: 5 Jun, 2023

From: Aubrey Leahy

In response to: Marking the Centenary of the Number 34 Bus Route

Interesting how a simple article triggers so many memories.

Not sure I ever knew of Hammonds as mentioned by Gerry Bixley in his comment (what colour were they?) but his tale of the unfortunate headbanging cyclist brought to mind another incident when, at breakfast on a Sunday morning, I witnessed a charabanc coming down Woodbridge Hill which lost a wheel.

The wheel ran on ahead of the coach and into the stream while the coach, sparks flying as if off a grinding wheel, ground to a halt opposite the Wooden Bridge pub whereupon four men jumped out, ran to the back of the coach and unloaded several cases of beer and goodies. Then, and only then, when all from the stowage was emptied and treasures saved, they went and helped the women and children alight!

Here’s hoping for another century achievement by Safeguard, next year. The three-wheeled coach was definitely not one of theirs!

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