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Letter: How Can I Use a Recycling Centre Without a Car?

Published on: 5 Oct, 2021
Updated on: 7 Oct, 2021

Recycling centres require motor vehicle transport

From: J Holt

In response to: Surrey Environment Partnership Responds to ‘Bewildering’ Recycling Video

To help save the planet I have given up driving a car and use public transport or walk. Now, for me, taking items to the Slyfield Recycling Centre is impractical.

I have paid my council tax to have my rubbish removed from the kerb outside my property yet there are many items which they will not accept.

The council tells me to go to a Community Recycling Centre. Should I start driving again with all the consequences that entails?

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Responses to Letter: How Can I Use a Recycling Centre Without a Car?

  1. Sara Tokunaga Reply

    October 5, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    It is lucky Mr Holt is so community-spirited, otherwise he would possibly be tempted to add to the mountain of waste that has been illegally dumped in a garage area close to his property. This has been going on for the past four years and has been exacerbated by the exorbitant costs GBC charges to pick up items.

    Add that to the costs SCC charge at Slyfield and it is no wonder fly-tipping is increasing. For those of us who are car-less, it is a no-win situation, but at least the rats have got a very large (six garage length) playground.

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