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Letter: How Long Before We See Any Action to Restore Towpath Access?

Published on: 16 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 16 Nov, 2023

From: Lorimer Burn

chair of St Catherine’s Village Association

In response to: National Trust Accepts Sole Control of Weir Towpath Restoration But Warns of Further Delay

I’m surprised to read the National Trust’s phrase “We will continue to keep the local community informed.” I’m not aware of receiving any information on the weir from the National Trust over the last four years, although I appreciate that they have been in discussion with GBC.

I have spoken to the local NT Manager, Tristan Hunt, who says that this is one of the major subjects of complaint in his inbox. I’m not surprised, because – especially in the summer – this blocking of the towpath has caused great inconvenience and has significantly reduced the value of a popular open space on the edge of the town.

It is alarming that the NT spokesperson now says that it, “will be commissioning feasibility studies and surveys throughout 2024”. While I very much welcome the fact that the trust has now accepted responsibility for the towpath and its accessibility, I wonder how long will a feasibility study take? And when will it actually begin?

This very much suggests a “holding position”, with no effective activity for the next several years.

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