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Letter: How to Stop Local Elections Being Just Opinion Polls

Published on: 7 May, 2023
Updated on: 7 May, 2023

From: H Trevor Jones

In response to: Election Analysis: Triumph and Disaster Are Both Imposters

Many thanks for Martin Giles’s well-written and balanced-sounding article, with me taking it all at face value, not caring or knowing about the ins and outs between different parties, and not being into playing videos, as I prefer the written word.

By the way, I voted for three candidates from three different parties, all being people with whom I had had constructive friendly email exchanges in advance – including one candidate with whom I disagree on Brexit but whom I support on local issues.

But as regards extrapolations between national and local politics, can I suggest a system in future local elections where there is a separate official opinion poll ballot sheet on national parties so that you don’t have to use your local vote(s) to show your support, or not, for the government and you can separately vote, if necessary, the opposite way for the best local candidate(s).

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