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Letter: I Agree We Need to Revitalise the Town’s Economy But How?

Published on: 22 Dec, 2023
Updated on: 21 Dec, 2023

From: S Callanan

In response to: Without Urban Renewal the Town Will Fail

I always read what John Rigg has to say though I don’t always find it easy to follow his line of thought. In his letter, for instance, he says we lack “strategic planning skills” but bemoans the fact that councillors “reject major planning officer negotiated applications”. Wouldn’t a major application involve at least some strategic planning skill?

He says we need to, “revitalise the town’s economy”. Probably so, but with what? Surely we’ve all the coffee shops and estate agents we need. What would Mr Rigg suggest?

Embracing new housing is a good idea. Here I’d suggest the borough council could lead the way by building on the site at Guildford Park Road car park. Jobs for construction workers and much-needed social housing all in one go. We’ll never revitalise the town economy until we can provide places people can afford to live in.

I suppose tackling flooding could only be a good thing but who would Mr Rigg have GBC take as partners? The National Trust and the Environment Agency? Have they helped much in reinstating the bridge at Tumbling Bay Weir?

The idea that we must pursue sustainability has all the real world impact of a Miss World competitor aspiring to end global child poverty. What does it mean in and for Guildford?

Can I suggest cleaning up the much graffitied area down by the river at the bottom of Friary Passage? The Electric and Wetherspoons could throw in a few bob until GBC finds the money which must be down the back of the sofa. It may not be much but it would be a start.

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