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Letter: I Am Also Concerned with SCC’s Behaviour on London Road ‘Engagement’

Published on: 31 Aug, 2023
Updated on: 31 Aug, 2023

From: Derek Payne

Member of the Stakeholder Reference Group (STRG)

In response to: SCC Behaviour on London Road Scheme Does Not Instil Confidence

Being a member of STRG and attending the meetings, I would just like to make a few comments on Mr Gallagher’s letter.

In short, it is, in my view, an accurate summary.

The minutes appear to miss out some key discussions and debates; we do not get a chance to “accept” the minutes; there are limited actions and owners; and I don’t ever remember seeing any timelines.

There is often no agenda.

A key concern (I have raised objections) is that any inputs for meetings are only provided at the last minute, or not at all, as “SCC want to see our raw feedback”. I have always preferred coming along informed in order to have a meaningful discussion.

Several weeks ago we were promised that the inputs for the two meetings on September 6 (modelling and first of two sessions regarding final question sets for the consultation) would be provided at least seven days before. There is still no sign of these inputs despite a reminder sent two days ago.

What is awaited includes the plan showing what London Road will look like after implementation, and also the question set that will be used for the Consultation.

We’ve been asked to avoid certain elements of disclosure at this time, and I’m looking to be a good boy, but will likely summarise my views, publicly, ahead of the formal start of the wider Consultation (September 18 – for eight duration).

I’m looking to stay neutral, but sadly I feel somewhat concerned by what I’m hearing and seeing.

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