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Letter: I Am Confident Council Officers Are Doing Their Utmost on Stoney Castle Dump

Published on: 6 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 6 Jul, 2021

From: Gordon Jackson

Former borough councillor for Pirbright

In response to: Legal Reasons Prevent Me Saying More About the Pirbright Dump

The situation at Stoney Castle has been a major problem for many years and a number of us have been frustrated by the relatively limited powers that are available to local authorities in these circumstances. When I was a councillor, I too was hampered by the restraints to which Cllr Steel refers.

But I think it is reasonable to highlight the decision of the Executive in November 2019, which is in the public domain. “That a supplementary estimate of £120,000 to cover enforcement costs at Stoney Castle in Pirbright, be approved.” [As previously reported in the Dragon NEWS.]

There have been additional challenges posed by Covid, but I have absolute confidence that officers are doing their utmost within the powers available to them to resolve this appalling situation. Sadly, once the alleged illegal activities have been stopped, there will still be a contaminated site, which will require literally millions of pounds to rectify.

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