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Letter: I Am Encouraged By Moves to Remove Single-Party Control of GBC

Published on: 9 Jan, 2019
Updated on: 9 Jan, 2019

From Harry Eve

In response to: Guildford Society Emphasises Its Political Independence Following GGG Leader’s Comments

As someone with a deep interest in our local wildlife, the landscape that maintains it, and the environment that will be inherited by my children, I am encouraged by the growing movement towards removing the single-party control of the council.

It is this dominance that has led to such a dark cloud hanging over Guildford in the form of its current draft Local Plan. I welcome any Independents who will stand against this looming disaster that would have dire consequences for us, our children and future generations by favouring easy profit for developers rather than sustainable housing and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

But every cloud has a silver lining – in this case, the formation of the Guildford Greenbelt Group and the success of its three councillors who have earned our respect for the contribution they have made despite the hostility of the Council Executive towards them.

From my perspective, GGG is the only party that I can trust on matters of sustainability, our local environment, the maintenance of biodiversity and the future of Guildford. I look forward to growing success and influence for GGG (and any like-minded Independents) in May.

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