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Letter: I Have Already Been Campaigning for a Park Barn Station

Published on: 20 Aug, 2015
Updated on: 20 Aug, 2015

South_West_Trains_Class_456 trainFrom Fiona White

County councillor for Guildford West

In response to Cllr Bob McShee’s letter Railway and Car-parking Idea, I hope he is aware that, along with the Park Barn and Westborough Community Association, I have been campaigning hard for a Park Barn station to serve not only the local community but also the RSCH and the University of Surrey, with a view to cutting back on car use on our local roads, as well as the A3.

The proposal has been included in Surrey County Council’s rail strategy, although a site for the new station has not yet been found. That will depend very much on the railway company and how accessible the station could be as the line runs through the local area. It has to be considered to be a long-term project.

In the meantime, Janette Panton in her comment has raised another possibility for the use of the Apple Tree site. A well-designed housing scheme would be a sensible and would be able to be achieved much more quickly.

The important thing is that whatever proposals are put forward, there must be discussions with the local community whose views must be taken into account. A scheme imposed by Executive members from Guildford Borough Council without community consent would not be acceptable.

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Responses to Letter: I Have Already Been Campaigning for a Park Barn Station

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    August 20, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    There is only one problem with a station at Park Barn – the railways don’t want it. In fact, they have by their very silence in their South West Trains draft plan of late last year – specifically ignored the need for either a new station in the suburbs of Guildford.

    So while everyone is shouting “good idea!” Network Rail appear to be doing an impression of the three wise monkeys: see no need; hear no pleas and; say nothing to make it happen.

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