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Letter: I Want My Councillors to Be Able to Agree to Differ

Published on: 25 Apr, 2023
Updated on: 25 Apr, 2023

From: H Trevor Jones

In response to comments on: Robin Horsley – Why He Believes You Should Not Vote for R4GV, GGG or Labour

I have just read the preceding comments on this page and am none the wiser as to who is actually in favour of particular developments and who is against them, as it seems to be all about personalities and parties rather than policies.

For my part, in Onslow Ward, I plan to vote for three candidates, probably of three different political parties, with whom I have been able to engage constructively by email in the run-up to the election, and who do not criticise other candidates or parties but will be prepared to work with them for the overall best for Guildford, as far as I can tell, if they are elected.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with everyone else on everything, but I do expect people to agree to differ!

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