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Letter: I’d Prefer A Forum Led by Local Stakeholders

Published on: 26 Jun, 2021
Updated on: 26 Jun, 2021

From: Alan Morris

In response to: Local Groups Criticise and Question MP’s Initiative for a New ‘Guildford Forum’

Sallie Barker gives a very loyal response to Angela Richardson’s proposal for a Guildford Forum but frankly I’d rather make my assessment of the need for a Forum based on the commentary from all of the contributors to the Guildford Dragon article.

Ms Richardson states the government recognises that Guildford is a strategic hub. Where is the convincing evidence for that support?

Beyond the government’s 2018 Economic Plan for M3 Enterprise Area which appears to identify a growth in housing that exceeds the growth in jobs and raises more aspirations than solutions, I am yet to find anything.

To say that this recognition from central government can be used to facilitate discussion with SCC/GBC and enable the investment required in Infrastructure etc in the borough isn’t necessarily borne out by the facts.

The formation of any such forum shouldn’t be the purview of any one political lead. I look forward to the local stakeholders forming a forum if they decide there is consensus for one.

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