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Letter: Immediate Twitter Attack Is Telling

Published on: 16 Jan, 2019
Updated on: 16 Jan, 2019

From Wayne Smith

In response to: GBC Leader in Tweet War with Guildford Groups

I find it quite telling that the very day that Julian Lyon announced that he would stand as an Independent candidate, Cllr Spooner was straight on the attack.

Since then we’ve seen the Guildford Labour group and GGG also wade in and attack the Independents. I wonder what it is that they all fear? For the Conservatives it the break up of their cosy cabal? And for Labour and GGG perhaps it is the loss of the few seats that they have?

The Liberal Democrats, masters of fence sitting, who have previously given the casual observer the impression of supporting Cllr Spooner’s Executive, now suggest that they welcome the Independents. I wonder if they really do?

It’s unfortunate that Mr Lyon’s past connections with Stephen Mansbridge and Monika Juneja can be dredged up and used to try and tarnish his reputation but until proven otherwise, if he says he’s Independent and will step aside when there’s potential conflict of interest with his employment, then let the electorate decide.

Likewise the other Independent councillors. Does it matter if they once had allegiance to a particular political party? It would be a strange person who did not tend to have a particular leaning, at least as regards national politics.

We need people willing to hold GBC to account, rather than being afraid to question the “dear leader” and his deputy.

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