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Letter: Infrastructure Development Must Come First

Published on: 26 Nov, 2016
Updated on: 26 Nov, 2016
An artists impression of how the development will appear from within.

An artist’s impression of how the Guildford Park Road car park development will appear from within.

From Bernard Parke

Hon Alderman and former Mayor of Guildford

See: Proposal to Develop Guildford Park Road Car Park Site Approved

Guildford is even now facing saturation point, and if this development is to be followed by that of the station and the cathedral the traffic congestion will become even more unsustainable.

It cannot be denied that houses should be more available, especially to the young trying to settle into married life, but the infrastructure problem must first be addressed.

Central government could help relieve this issue, known as “affordability”, by direct intervention, not only here in Guildford but in other parts of the country.

It was once possible to get tax relieve on mortgage interest which was a great help, especially to those wishing to get started in life.

Many young people have little chance, these days, of even putting down a deposit and many are living rented accommodation, paying very high rents and suffering an ever increasing Council Tax burden.

Perhaps these problems could be helped by the government introducing once again rent controls and security of tenure?

When such measures were in force house prices were kept low as tenanted accommodation became a burden, not to the tenants but to the landlords.

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