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Letter: Is Infighting Taking Lib Dem Eyes Off the Ball?

Published on: 5 Nov, 2021
Updated on: 5 Nov, 2021

From: James Walsh

Labour borough councillor for Stoke

In response to: I Stand By My Decision to Join the Conservatives

In his opinion piece, Cllr Harwood [Merrow] says: “Bear in mind I would have been the next leader of GBC had I remained a Lib Dem.”

Lib Dem councillor, George Potter [Burpham] comments: “This is a very bold claim by Cllr Harwood, but not one which I think would survive a conversation with any of my Lib Dem colleagues.”

Herein, I suspect, lies the nub of the issue. Rumours run rife about infighting within Guildford Lib Dem ranks, with the same names popping up.

Perhaps Cllr Potter can illuminate his comment above and let the electorate know the truth about what is going on in the coalition?

With huge decisions facing the council, including inevitable cuts, a huge financial gap to fill and an unpopular merger with Waverley on the horizon, residents deserve to know if their leading councillors have their eyes on the right ball.

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Responses to Letter: Is Infighting Taking Lib Dem Eyes Off the Ball?

  1. Jemma Thomas Reply

    November 5, 2021 at 2:41 pm

    I get that’s it’s politically advantageous to pretend that there are problems within the ranks of a competing party but saying it is so doesn’t make it so, even when you insist on saying it over and over again.

    The Labour Party has huge issues with factions and doesn’t seem to think much of their leader just as, it transpired, the country didn’t think much of their last one.

    The Conservatives, at both local and national level, have got people coming and going almost daily and yet Cllr James Walsh wants us to imagine that one person jumping ship means the whole boat is sinking.
    It’s not.

    This is just politics, James’ comment is just politics and Jan leaving will not destabilise the Lib Dems any more than Nuno Espírito Santo [former team manager] leaving Spurs will destabilise them.

    Wait and see but my bet would be that people recognise nonsense when they see it and the Lib Dem Team will still be top of the table in Guildford at the end of the season.

  2. George Potter Reply

    November 5, 2021 at 2:52 pm

    I can assure [Labour’s] Cllr Walsh that there is no infighting within the Lib Dems. We had one person in our group who was not a very good team player and that person has now left.

    George Potter is a Lib Dem borough and county councillor.

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