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Letter: Is Motivation Behind London Road Project Party Political?

Published on: 13 Dec, 2022
Updated on: 13 Dec, 2022

Image of London Road taken in August 2022. Google Street View.

From: Wayne Smith

In response to: Anger Continues Over Planned Burpham Roadworks But Director Responsible Will Not Be Facing Local Residents

I can’t help wondering if the decisions on the controversial London Road cycle lanes project all stem from Cllr Matt Furniss [Con, Shalford] failing to get his own way back in March when Lib Dem/R4GV Guildford Borough Council refused to sign a Town Centre Highway Management Agreement.

Under the agreement, the borough council would have taken on some responsibility for the maintenance of highways within the town centre but without receiving any budget from SCC.

See: No Money, No Deal, GBC Tells County Council on Highways Maintenance

Cllr Furniss’s response at the time: “It will be highly unlikely that we will do anything at risk in good faith from GBC anymore as it is clear partnership for GBC is one way. There will be no revised offer.” And that was when there was a SCC/GBC ‘Guildford Joint Committee’ – recently dissolved.

Then in August, there was a SCC power grab to take control of verge cutting, weed control and on-street parking enforcement from GBC. It was Cllr Furniss again.

See: SCC Takes Back Highway Verge Cutting, Weed Control and On-street Parking Enforcement

Having represented Christchurch ward at GBC until he lost his seat in the 2019 Conservative rout, Cllr Furniss cannot be unaware of the impact of the London Road closure. His failure to engage with GBC and other SCC councillors of other parties is lamentable.

SCC leader Tim Oliver needs to step in.

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Responses to Letter: Is Motivation Behind London Road Project Party Political?

  1. Frank Emery Reply

    December 13, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    It’s certainly not been a decision taken with any common sense.

  2. Susan Hibbert Reply

    December 15, 2022 at 11:26 am

    For heaven’s sake, shouldn’t there be cooperation between the different parties, organisations and individuals involved for the sake of this wonderful town in which we live?

    Our councillors, both borough and county, work very hard on our behalf and aren’t always appreciated but it doesn’t help when it appears egos get in the way of cooperative working for the common good.

    Incidentally, we also want to see close consultation with local residents, small businesses and community organisations. In general, it would be reassuring to feel that our borough councillors are being listened to by our county councillors, even if they represent various different political parties or none.

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