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Letter: Is This the Same Councillor That Said…?

Published on: 6 Nov, 2021
Updated on: 6 Nov, 2021

From: Julie Iles

Former Conservative county councillor for The Horsleys

In response to: I Stand By My Decision to Join the Conservatives

I’m pleased to see that in earlier Dragon reporting on Cllr Harwood’s defection there was a link to an article published just months ago in March: Perhaps Cllr Iles and Her Co-Plotters Should Play Their Games Somewhere Else?

In that article, Cllr Harwood said: “…the Conservatives were cynically trying to kill local democracy here in Guildford”. Seems he has now accepted his own, “invitation to this smoke-filled country club backroom where these kinds of anti-democracy deals get hashed out”.

He also suggested that the Conservatives should, “just crown a ‘Sheriff of Guildford’ from one of their local Conservative pals and be done with elections (as I am sure the Conservatives secretly long to do. Voters are so boring when they do not do as they are told).”

So I don’t think we should hold our breath for him doing the decent thing now and calling a by-election where he could stand as the Conservative candidate for Merrow. Perhaps the voters would be “boring” and not do as they were told?

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Responses to Letter: Is This the Same Councillor That Said…?

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    November 6, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    But how much would a by-election cost the revenue strapped Guildford Borough Council and the candidates’ parties?

    Perhaps it would clarify whether residents vote for a candidate or a political party.

    And are councillors elected as representatives or delegates?

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