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Letter: Is What Is Happening at Edgeley Park Correct Legally?

Published on: 26 Sep, 2022
Updated on: 26 Sep, 2022

Edgeley Leisure Park

From: Bob Bullen

lodge owner at Edgeley Park

Haulfryn Group Ltd has set up Haulfryn Ltd to carry out the running of Edgeley Park. Can the existing licence, issued to Haulfryn Group Ltd, be legally transferred to Haulfryn Ltd without permission from, and agreement with, the issuing authority Guildford Borough Council?

Both Haulfryn companies have treated not only the lodge owners but also the council with complete contempt and disrespect.

How can Haulfryn Ltd ethically, even if they are now legally the licence holders, send out a reminder to lodge owners with an implicit threat of eviction woven in?

New and pre-owned lodges are being sold by Haulfryn Ltd as opposed to the original company. Isn’t that also questionable, legally? Perhaps Trading Standards, part of Surrey County Council, might start doing their real job.

Editor’s note: Haulfryn Group Ltd has been invited to comment.

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