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Letter: It Was Our Turn to Deliver a Vehicle to Ukraine

Published on: 20 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 20 Oct, 2023
From: John Rigg
Whilst we are all naturally concerned about the terrible situation in Israel, and the appalling terrorist attacks by Hamas I hope we will not be tempted to forget Ukraine.
It has had to suffer  devastation and terrorism on a massive scale across a 600 mile front for over a year with so far over 100,000 Ukrainian casualties, yet because it is the ‘War of Putins Ego’ it looks likely to run and run .

Feeling concerned about the situation in Ukraine I had noticed one charity in particular.

Mission Ukraine converts UK 4x4s into basic ambulances. These then medevac casualties from the frontline over otherwise impassable terrain for life-saving treatment.
It is is a Ukrainian and British NGO [non-government organisation] run by volunteers and formed in 2022 to provide humanitarian aid following the Russian invasion.
The vehicles transport casualties from the evacuation point near the front line over terrain inaccessible to road vehicles . The hope is to get the casualty to stabilisation units, where they can be kept alive ahead of a hospital transfer.
So Mission Ukraine raises funds here and then seeks reliable 4x4s . Volunteers drive them from the UK to Ukraine to be converted into evacuation ambulances.

Following conversion volunteers again drive the vehicle to the frontline to hand over to combat medics.

The interior of a converted vehicle

The conversion involves stripping out everything behind the two front seats and lining the vehicle with aluminium for easy cleaning and to protect from glass shattering. Storage pockets are added for tactical meds and lights fitted in the ceiling. Stretcher tracks are laid in the aluminium.

With limited donations the charity try to supply the converted vehicles to the front for about £6,000 including purchase, conversion and delivery. Mission Ukraine report having   delivered 20 vehicles so far which they say are working 24 hours a day. Estimated casualties evacuated – around 1,000.

John Rigg (right) with the vehicle he and his friend are delivering to Ukraine.

Having supported the acquisition of previous vehicles this time a chum and I decided it was our turn to track down a suitable vehicle and deliver it ourselves for conversion.

We would love to help more and if anyone wants to contribute here is the link:

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Responses to Letter: It Was Our Turn to Deliver a Vehicle to Ukraine

  1. Bill Stokoe Reply

    October 21, 2023 at 12:04 am

    A very worthy cause; and well done, John.

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