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Letter: Keep the Highways Flowing

Published on: 12 Aug, 2023
Updated on: 12 Aug, 2023

Image of London Road taken in August 2022. Google Street View.

From: Roger Kendall

In response to: Most Arguments Against London Road Improvements Are Nonsense

The roads are not only used for getting to school or work, they are used for business, deliveries, maintenance people, builders and so on.

They support a constant flow of commerce where a bike just won’t do.

We need to keep our roads efficient. Build cycle lanes and routes by all means (widen Stoke Park paths) but keep the highways flowing, they are the arteries of business.

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Responses to Letter: Keep the Highways Flowing

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    August 13, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Hold and Edit

    Well said Roger.

    Of course pedestrians and cyclist have a right to use highways, but how bigger priority do they have in developing routes over other road users.

    To often the activists and even politicians consider pedestrians and cyclists have an absolute right to the benefits of improvements. However they don’t seem to consider at all the drawbacks for the vast numbers of other road users.
    There should be a real comparison to either show that benefits exceed drawbacks or reason for a ‘gross disproportion.

    Also, the coverage has covered only the interests of local residents, mainly during construction. The benefits/drawbacks of modifications aslo are seen by many more road users who come from far away using A3 or to shop at Aldi or Sainsbury’s.

    Its actually despite what people may think, too difficult to analyse by several metrics and using well established Frameworks of comparison of benefits/drawbacks. Such methods were developed for HSC in early 90s for parliament!!

  2. Sam Peters Reply

    August 14, 2023 at 9:02 am

    I fully agree. Anything that helps reduce traffic and congestion will be good for those businesses, deliveries, maintenance people, builders and any other drivers too – not just so that they can get to their destinations quicker, but also in all the other ways mentioned, from cleaner air to the reduced societal costs incurred when more people are enabled to walk and cycle.

    Given that several thousand journeys per day along this road are almost certainly done just to take children to school, enabling many of these children to safely cycle instead would be a great way to reduce this congestion.

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