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Letter: Let There Be Light, Please

Published on: 1 Jun, 2021
Updated on: 1 Jun, 2021

From: Mandy Millyard

Readers might recall an earlier letter (see: Chronically Dud Streetlamp Still Manages to Shine a Light) from me on the subject of a broken streetlight in Langley Close, near Woodbridge Road. As of yesterday evening (May 31), the lamp is still not working

We are encouraged to report faults to those responsible who, understandably, cannot have ears and eyes everywhere and I have reported this before several times over the years to The Home Group, housing association.

In March I tried again, with, although it is not within the council’s control, the kind support of my local councillor Angela Goodwin [Lib Dem, Guildford South West].

I was advised that the lamp would take up to 12 weeks to repair and that the Association would contact me “regularly with updates”.  Since their email on March 18, I have received no further updates. That was over 10 weeks ago.

As mentioned previously, the lamp has been out of action for over seven years.  It should illuminate an area with steps, a ramp and part of a walkway that leaves people very vulnerable in the dark.

Surely it should not be such a struggle to get relatively simple things done. I do hope there is some action before, all too soon, the nights draw in again and increase the risk of an accident or a crime in the dark.

Mandy Millyard is a volunteer photographer for The Guildford Dragon NEWS

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