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Letter: Lethargic Response to Weir Collapse Is Appalling

Published on: 26 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 26 Oct, 2022

From: Eric Page

In respone to: A Temporary Bridge Over Tumbling Bay Weir Is Feasible, Says Leading Engineer

I am appalled at the lack of progress to rectify the collapse of the aged Tumbling Bay Weir which controls water levels in the River Wey navigation.

When a well used bridge collapses repair needs to be quick. If a permanent repair or replacement is not possible a temporary installation should be deployed.

As a former Royal Engineer, I find it beggars belief that the borough council and the National Trust has not sought the assistance of my old corps. Its current members would have more than enough skill to quickly build a temporary bridge, if not contribute to a permanent solution.

The negligence and complacency of GBC, the National Trust and other agencies involved deserves all the criticism their lethargy and inaction has attracted.

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