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Letter: Lib Dem Councillor Needs to Be Better Informed

Published on: 19 Jan, 2023
Updated on: 19 Jan, 2023

North Street GBC Planning Committee meeting. LDRS

From: Joss Bigmore

Leader of R4GV and deputy leader of GBC

In response to comment made on: Refusing Lib Dem Should Have Spoken to Her Executive Colleagues

I hope Cllr Hogger is aware (or would be if she spoke to her Liberal Democrat colleagues) that GBC owned a portion of this site.

This was a position the council attempted to leverage in order to provide the maximum amount of community gains alongside a cash consideration for taxpayers resulting from development.

This necessitated legal and other professional advice from both external consultants and members of our major projects team.

The total spent since 2019 was £829,702, added to the £740,721 spent by previous administrations since 2013. So no, not a slip of the finger, more regret that Cllr Hogger is not better informed either by her Executive colleagues or her own interest in the council’s affairs.

I think the councillor’s frustration would be better exercised working on her internal communications at “Lib Dem HQ” rather than directed at me for pointing out the harms caused by the decision last Wednesday.

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